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"Ajay brought creativity and innovation to every project, leaving a lasting impact on our brand's visual identity. A pleasure to work with!"

Akshay Agarwal

Founder, CRIO Digital

"Thrilled with Ajay's exceptional work at Crio! His creativity and attention to detail brought our vision to life, adding a touch of magic to elevate our clientele's brand outlook."

Abhishek Mehta

Co-Founder, CRIO Digital

"Ajay has been inspiring. His creative flair and attention to detail consistently elevate our projects, making collaboration a true pleasure."

Mansi Sharma


"To my talented and creative friend, Your artistic genius and friendship have made our workdays brighter. Wishing you endless success in all your future endeavors!"

Dhruv Sharma


"Ajay's graphic design expertise is exceptional. His innovative approach and attention to detail consistently elevate projects. He transforms concepts into captivating designs that exceed expectations."

Praphul Kumar

Software Engineer

"Ajay, a designer par excellence and a cherished friend. His creative spark and genuine camaraderie made our collaboration unforgettable."

Ahmad Reza

Software Engineer

Ajay's efforts to research current design trends are reflected in his work, which has a contemporary feel.

Megha Garg

Tcchno Functional Consultant